Men Bear The Brunt Of US Jobs Lost: What Does It Mean?

From the Financial Times: Men bear the brunt of US jobs lost

Sarah O’Connor writes:

“The US recession has opened up the biggest gap between male and female unemployment rates since records began in 1948, as men bear the brunt of the economy’s contraction.

Men have lost almost 80 per cent of the 5.1m jobs that have gone in the US since the recession started, pushing the male unemployment rate to 8.8 per cent. The female jobless rate has hit 7 per cent.”


“Men have been disproportionately hurt because they dominate those industries that have been crushed…”


“The widening gap between male and female joblessness means many US families are solely reliant on the income the woman brings in. Since women earn on average 20 per cent less than men, that is putting extra strain on many households…”

Read the rest – The Financial Times

What do you make of that? This means a few things to me.

First, it appears to me that men are going to become dependent on women.  I don’t think they are going to like it. The women won’t like it either as they are physiologically geared to be cared for at least to some extent, but I am more worried about the reaction of the men.

Will they not be pissed off? I think they will be furious. Having the ability to provide is inordinately important to most men and when they are deprived of this, anger is bound to result.

We are already seeing men who have lost income kill their families and themselves and I would expect this to be a growing trend.  But besides that I would also expect an increase in violence in general, rape for example as an act of rage against women.

On the other side, very few women make enough money on their own to support a family and meanwhile the cost of basic things (like food) is rising and rapidly. This pisses people off too!

Most who read this blog know I believe that Mars energy is repressed in our society.  We are not allowed healthy expression of our regression so it comes out in these ways that are perverted, passive aggressiveness or horrific violence.  It ‘s like a pressure cooker about to blow.

What effect do you think the disproportionate job loss between men and women will have?

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Men Bear The Brunt Of US Jobs Lost: What Does It Mean? — 19 Comments

  1. Well, considering one of the reasons that the men are losing jobs more than women because women are cheaper…sigh. I don’t know what to say about that.

  2. Male business executives and government officials made the decisions that led to the financial mess we are in. Accountability is a bitch, but shooting your wife and children really isn’t evolved problem solving.

    I lost my job when it was the latest fad to send American jobs to China. I didn’t have to shoot anyone in order to overcome the situation.

  3. I really hope you’re wrong. I trust men to find intelligent solutions, such as let off steam by working out. Of course it’s frustrating to no longer be able to provide (for a while), but the thing I admire in Americans is their can-do attitude: I am sure they will find a way to handle it.

  4. One of the reasons I love sports is how it allows mars energy to be expressed in a healthy way. For the past decade, little boys are more likely to called hyperactive and drugged to keep them from being energetic in the classroom. Some schools are eliminating tag and other contact sports. It is insane.

  5. Flip, at the school where I teach, the administration actually outlawed ‘elimination games,’ meaning that if the game includes a way to be eliminated, such as in dodge ball, they can’t play it. It goes into the classrooms – no competitions to see who can do a few math problems the fastest, etc. – I’m waiting until they tell me I can’t show good examples of student work because it will make the others feel bad. It’s so aggravating! Also, the kids (boys) are not allowed to make guns with their hands, blocks or anything else, and can’t fake shoot each other. I used to think this was just NYC.

    Sorry Elsa – a little off topic from your question!

  6. This post makes a lot of sense when you make the claim for there being a repression of Mars energy. Got tons of Libra in my chart, and while there are many important Aries people in my life (whole immediate family and best friend) the Mars/Aries energy has always seemed to me overbearing and self-absorbed. But in this post, there is a suggestion that the Mars energy can fight for a greater good, be implicit in some justice – instead of only in self-righteous, me me me, self-fulfilling and self-gratifying behavior. When combined with a Uranus innovative type energy… that is something greatly needed. When put in this way, I can definitely agree with the idea that there is a lot of repression of Mars energy in the culture – keep everyone quiet and happy and moving along like nice little boys and girls. No making waves now.

    Mars is still something tricky, though. I get worried because it is so easily divorced from reason. It is hard to separate what is healthy Martian energy from what is unhealthy. I think it is energy that can get drunk on its own power very easily, and doesn’t lend itself to suggestion or constructive criticism from other outside sources. Mars “doesn’t play nice” – it’s strength and weakness. There needs to be justice and a reason with violent Martian energy. Otherwise it’s just violent and unreasonable (insane).

  7. Whenever you post about mars being repressed in this culture it puzzles me and I keep thinking about what you mean by that. (and I literally mean it;s still on my mind after reading the post yesterday. What does a ‘healthy expression of mars energy’ look like? Examples anyone?

  8. “Whenever you post about mars being repressed in this culture it puzzles me and I keep thinking about what you mean by that. (and I literally mean it;s still on my mind after reading the post yesterday.”

    Well I will try to convey the tip of that iceberg to day if I can

  9. I’m pretty new here, but I’d like to add my two cents. As a “lurker” on this site for more than a year, I’ve read a lot about Mars and Venus placements and the like.
    One thing that I always remember is a reply Elsa gave to a woman who had relationship troubles attributed to a Mars Square Venus. If I remember correctly, she told this woman to exercise, get her aggressive energy out (I hope I’m not misquoting here…).
    This really struck me because as someone with a Sun Mars conj – I have a ton of energy and am always best off mentally when I am either physically active or damn near wiped out after being physically active.
    Some of the happiest people I know work with their hands, or at least take the dog for a walk every single day. Which leads me to wonder, could a repressed Mars energy in our society lead people to be inactive – or vice versa, could the lessened activity lead to the Mars being repressed?
    My mother, a social worker, often bemoans the lack of “man jobs” available, but isn’t at all surprised that most guys would rather stay home and play shoot ‘em up style video games, because there aren’t many jobs available, anyhow, but there is still a need to have some sense of power and accomplishment – even if its digital.
    I hope that doesn’t sound like a blanket statement, but what strikes me is that whatever energy you have – it doesn’t go anywhere, even if it goes unused, it’s going to come out one way or another, unless you consciously use it or transmute it.
    Like Flip’s example of how things are in schools, in our society right now, there are tons of ways to keep sitting on your bum instead of getting it moving and just doing something.
    I’m all for television, internet, etc, but without a physical expression to balance it out – are those also sometimes means to just be good little boys and girls as well?

  10. My Neptune on Ascendent says: maybe the men will fight for the right of the women to have just pay :p

    – My wife isn’t being paid as much as she should! Raise her salary! NOW!

    And Alll the husbands would form some sort of organization to fight for their spouses’ rights :p

    And everyone would be happy, Happy!
    Cotton-candy would fall from the sky. Totally.
    FREE. ;)

    *wakes up*

  11. For decades you got millions of people doing negative work, ie: building dams on rivers, draining the everglades to drilling for and refining oil for use as fuel. Now it will cost trillions to clean everything up. To NOT have unemployment in the way Wall Street economists imagine (everyone in China and India to live like Americans with at least one McMansion and two cars) would require the resources of ten planet earths. My pet peeve is people that do negative work…

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