Voice Of Mars – The Unit… Wing Walkin’

dora-couch-sm.jpgSo never mind Jonas and his contamination challenge. The yellow Piper Cub in the sky is loaded with deadly nerve agent and being flown by a dead guy!

And we’ve got the hero SF guy up there in his bigger plane and he’s going to knock this plane off it’s preset auto-flying course by flying into it leaving the soldier baffled, “Why aren’t they calling in the Air Force?” (swearing below the break)

“There is no decision to make here. It takes 2 seconds of thought to know what to do. First I don’t think that dead guy can fly that plane even if it’s on auto-pilot but let’s just say that he can? Then call the fuckin’ Air Force and tell ‘em to take the plane down. The plane is in a sparsely populated area, it’s headed for the city – what is the question here?”

I shrugged. The hero SF guy repeatedly banged into the Piper Cub with his plane which sent it spiraling off course in a variety of ways only to miraculously go back on course like that kid’s book, “The Little Train That Could”. Third time the guy went into the maneuver the soldier told me his alternative plan.

“Okay, P, this is what I’d do. I’ll pull my plane right up to that Cub and make it so wings were even,” he said. “I’d line them up, see?”

I laughed.

“Yep, and then I send Dora out. I’d send her over – she could just wing walk right over there, get in that plane and take control from that dead guy. Yep. She’d hold them right in her little paws and bring that plane down, land it safely. I’m telling you this is a better idea then what he’s doing and a lot more plausible. Dora could do it,” he said. “I’d tell her too and she’d go right out the door and walk across those wings and take care of this shit. But how these fuckers could forget we have an Air Force? How do you forget something like that? Call them up and they’d be more than happy to blow that plane outa the fuckin’ sky but noooooooooo. This jackass has to risk his life bumping… I’m telling you, Dora. Dora is the answer here. She could solve this thing a lot faster then they can even with a googly eye!”

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