Astrology And Fashion: Don’t Hold Your Breath For Taurus To Evolve

garanimals.jpg‘Well he sends you a lot of t-shirts,” I remarked to the soldier regarding his son. The T-shirts have meaning. They are from movies or other things he likes.”

“That’s because he knows I like t-shirts. They have been my fashion since 1975.”

I laughed. “What did you wear before 1975?”

“I don’t know. Whatever my mother got for me. Er… Garanimals. Yeah, I wore Garanimals. You know those clothes that have an animal sewn in them? If you have pants with a giraffe on them, they match any shirt you have that also have a giraffe. Whale goes with whale… you know. You’ve seen them, haven’t you, P?”

::shakes head::

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