Astrology Today: Violence And Boundaries

libraThe Moon is in Libra forming a Cardinal T-Square and if you pay attention you will see people move to control other people. Since you are a person you will probably do this as well.

Mars conjunct Saturn repeats this theme. It’s a good day to avoid violent people with no boundaries… violent people with boundaries are okay. ;)

Ha ha ha, I am the only person I know who can get away with saying something like that.


Astrology Today: Violence And Boundaries — 11 Comments

  1. I woke up this morning with the strange thought that my neighbor (violent) is going to pee on my laundry hanging on the line. Let’s see if he has boundaries!

  2. Pee on your laundry? LOL llama, has that ever really happened, I mean, is that something people even do? I guess my existence is a little more sheltered than I thought.

    Cardinal T square, OK, didn’t notice that, glad I read this. I’ll be watching…self AND others.

    Violent people with boundaries, Elsa, that’s funny. I guess that would include violent people who take it out only on themselves? Those are people I’ve learned to stay away from anyway, as it is too painful to watch.

  3. Well I thought about this today and I guess everybody is violent given the proper conditions. But I meant someone with no restraint or control over their tempers and what not.

  4. Well I can feel this and unfortunately I’ve already dealt with my ex (violent with no boundaries). But I talked a good game, so it came out ok.

    How does one get around the need to control today? Actually, what I feel is kind of insecure. What do you do to counteract? Hey that’s cool, my Jupiter/Chiron makes the 4th point.

  5. I agree that everyone is potentially violent given the proper conditions. Another lesson that I learned very early in life was to stay away from Tequila shooters because there is some super crazed wicked violent body snatcher chick hovering somewhere not so far away, and ready to pounce in given the slightest Tequila weakened boundary. ~~~shiver~~~

  6. Speaking in code here, my beloved 5th house lad told me my ex betrothed 7th house official, the lad’s 4th 10th axis, is three times meaner than Hitler. The Lad just left the house planning to stand up to the Hit (violent person with no boundaries). Power to the Lad.

  7. Hmmmm well, I don’t think I am trying to control but basically a question I need answered won’t be for another two days, and the person providing the answer won’t talk to me until then. My temper did not really get violent this morning when I found this all out…just impatient….very, very impatient and insecure.

  8. Got home, no pee on the laundry. Hurray!

    (no, that’s never happened, and I don’t know why I had a suspicion about it today)

  9. Funny how all week I’ve been having problems with a person who is at risk of becoming violent towards people (has been violent towards things) and has no boundaries.

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