Kathy the Boy-Girl and her 3rd House Stellium in Sagittarius: Talk, Talk…

sagittarius horoscope horse zodiac moonHannah S-Q askes regarding the last Kathy blog:

“So I’m curious, is it fairly universal that Sag is “worldly” and this applies to cuisine?”

Hannah, yes. One way or the other, Sagittarius is “international” and having four planets and her north node in the sigh, Kathy is a super specimen. She is also offline with a broken computer so how about we talk about her?

Kathy’s Sadge is in the 3rd house (languages) so this is where her linguistic abilities come in. Because besides the Asian restaurants, I have heard her speak Greek to the Greeks and Spanish to Mexicans…you get the picture. This girl can communicate.

spanokopita greek food spinach pieFurther, she’s a Virgo rising, so Mercury (communication) rules the chart and her Mercury is in Sagittarius in the 3rd, so you can see how it would be virtually impossible for Kathy to be bumbling on this front. The woman knows a lot, about a lot and that is all there is to it.

Now what kills me is wherever we go and what ever we eat, Kathy invariably claims it’s her “home food”. “This is my home food,” she says about Thai. “This is my home food,” she says about Greek. “This is home food,” she says about soup. Even my beloved carnitas are “home food” to Kathy, even though she is least familiar with Mexican food. And she said this so much I started to tease her.

“This is your home food, that is your home food! Everything we ever eat is your home food! Let’s face it, Kathy. The whole world is your home…”

I dialed her this morning..

Briiiiinnnnnnng! Briiiinnng!

“Kathy, it’s me. Where are we going?”

She’s in her car on her cell phone…where else would she be with a chart like that? “I wanted to try this east African place…”

“Okay, then. Where is it?”

So here’s the thing: Pretty soon, Jupiter will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius and I will be watching Kathy intently. I want to see the expanded, expand, you know? And you guys can track her too, because you know I’m going to be writing…

So what about you? Got any sadge friends? Tell us about them!

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Kathy the Boy-Girl and her 3rd House Stellium in Sagittarius: Talk, Talk… — 12 Comments

  1. Immediately after my divorce, two years ago, I was swept off, up and away by Sadges (specifically, two, one after the other, as if I were the baton in a relay race). They carried me, each in turn, as if on a magic carpet up, up and away… to where I needed to go/be. Once I landed, ‘im my new country’, they each went on their merry way, and me on mine.

  2. I have a sadge daughter. When she was 9 she told us that she wanted to visit every country in the world by the time she is 25. She backed off to every state and Canada by the time she is 21…

  3. Oooo thanks Elsa! You made my day…

    Very cool stuff.

    Hrmm I wonder why my family has such a broad love of cuisine. Lots of Sag (I have Sag rising, and lots of 3rd house stuff) hrmm. I feel an affinity to this!


    Hannah-Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, S.Node in 3rd house

  4. I’m a triple Sag (w/moon) and I loooooove eating from different cuisines! My fave thing to do is to go to a restaurant I know very well and order things I’ve never heard of. Often a restaurant will become like “home food” to me. Luckily, you can get quite diverse in Toronto in terms of cuisine, it’s one of my fave things about the city.

    My current quardruple Sag partner also enjoys trying new foods and eating out. We are always prowling downtown for the best Japanese and anything interesting or bizarre.

  5. I have always been partial to a good sagdy. I like that they are usually ‘no-muss, no-fuss’, happy to get doing things rather than sit, think & talk and very personable. I have a sadge friend- you can’t go anywhere with him when you’re out because he knows EVERYONE and will stop and talk to them for however long he wants. The other side to sadgies communication? (which I secretly love, also.) The ability to drop absolute clangers in the middle of convos.

    Some corkers from my sadgy friends and family-
    ‘What’s wrong with your teeth? They’re all black! Medication? For what? Epilepsy? I thought you were bi-polar… oh you’re that as well. Geez, how many things are wrong with you?’

    And…’So you’re aboriginal! So what are you? Half caste, quatre caste?’

    And… ‘How much fat have you got to lose? Before you’re back to normal, I mean.’

    See? Delightful!

  6. One of my brothers is a Sadge. Of the whole family, he’s the one whose job requires travel to places like India, Germany and Japan, and he and his Chinese wife have homes in Denver and Shanghai.

  7. *grins* I haven’t got Sadge, as such, but my 9th house Jupiter is the focus of my Sun & Uranus T-square, so it gets a lot of action. I love it. I’m determined to hit all 7 continents before I die.

  8. I’m a sag. and in my 20’s I had a fasination with different foods to the point that a went to chef school. I’ve never worked as a chef, although my former husband is a chef instructor. I love food and different cultures. Presently, I’m in college to earn an elementary education degree, with minors in history and international studies. The fasination with cultures and food must expand to many of us sag. I will NEVER tire of learning about different cultures or anything I am not presently knowledgeable about. There’s a great big world out there.

  9. Elsa: My birthday is 12-21-61. Think there is anyone in the world for me? So far, 2 husbands, a few lovers, but still haven’t found the one. I haven’t given up entirely, but frustration is setting in.

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