What Do Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes Have in Common? Pluto and the Galactic Center: Lynn Hayes

movie cameraHere is a first rate article by astrologer, Lynn Hayes on Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes as the events in their lives relate to Pluto hitting the galactic center in December. People with planets around 26 Sagittarius, should especially get over there and read. People with planets at 26 degrees of the other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo and Pisces) – you too!

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What Do Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes Have in Common? Pluto and the Galactic Center: Lynn Hayes — 3 Comments

  1. OMG!
    Now it makes sense. I had not paid any attention to the galactic centre beforehand but I’ve been wondering what the fuck is up with this year when everyone I know is in the middle of some major life change.

    This year an insane amount of peple have suddenly decided to get married within like 3 weeks of each other (a third of my organization is getting hitched, and I’d feel bad about being a sheep were it not that I announced my engagement first).

    Alternatively if people are not announcing shock engagements (usually people like me who weren’t aiming to get married) they are announcing shocking breakups in what seemed like stable marriages or having children.

    Or if they are not doing any of those major life transitions then they are dying.
    Five people I know have died from various forms of cancer in the last month within a few days of each other…

    Crazy cosmic stuff.

  2. I was wondering that as well Michelle. My Sun is at 25 55 Pisces – but I haven’t noticed anything major. Certainly nothing massive as what Nia is talking about!

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